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This tribe is for gay and lesbian folks who are involved in technology. RSS Feed what is XML?

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seeking nude gay or not  topic
seeking nude gay or not?  topic
well now the little geek is gay  photo flag
gay marriage  topic
hey - Gay Geeks in NY... a meeting group....  topic
Pride scholarships for Northwest students; clos...  topic
Help!  topic
Looking for Gay Friends on Xbox Live - and my g...  topic
Steam Gayming Community group  topic
Help in Philly/south jersey area  topic
Research request: coping with discrimination  topic
My new website-  topic
Student seeking gay research participants for a...  topic
rainbow propeller hat?  topic
What do we all do?  topic
Gay marriage: the database engineering perspective  topic
LGBTQ Postdocs needed....  topic
A thought experiment... the strategy of "Let's ...  topic
Nominate a LGBTIQ science teacher, engineer, & ...  topic
The Final Edition of the ICP  topic
ICP 2.9 now available at Creampuff Revolution  topic
ICP 2.8 now available  topic
Hello all Gay Geeks  topic
Edition 2.7 of the International Carnival of Po...  topic
Help in the Los Angeles Area  topic

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